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9th May 2024

New Members of the African Earth Jurisprudence Collective Graduate in Benin

A Story from African Earth Jurisprudence Collective The moon was new that night. Slim as she was, the lack of light pollution in the jungle allowed her to illuminate our… Read More

8th May 2024

Tracking our Way Home

This story, written by Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner Samuel Nnah Ndobe, was first published in the spring 2024 issue of Dark Mountain I remember, vividly, the moment I found my place… Read More

21st March 2024

Path of the Elephants

Meet Sam, the Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner who is working with Baka Forest Peoples to breathe new life into ‘the lungs of Africa’. Watch the film: Read Sam’s story: Indigenous communities,… Read More

19th December 2023

Completing an Earth Jurisprudence Training Cycle

We sit on a rising bank, just beyond reeds that hang with weaver bird nests. In front of us, a pond where dragonflies nip and swallows dip, lily pads brim… Read More

Simon Mitambo on BBC News World Service
13th December 2023

BBC Documentary: A Man Without Bees

A new documentary, from BBC World Service, follows Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner Simon Mitambo in his efforts to restore bees to Kenya.     Simon is from Tharaka, meaning ‘The Land… Read More

27th September 2023

Celebrating community life through seed

Gaia’s Sara Davies brings us along on her recent trip to Bikita’s Seed Fair in Zimbabwe… The minibus eases its way carefully across the rocks and onto the uneven ground… Read More

Illustration from Mashudu Takalani's story of decolonisation credit Tim Hawkins
8th June 2023

Rhythm of Reconnection

Meet Mashudu, who is reconnecting knowledgeable elders with young people to animate their ancestral wisdom, culture and confidence. A new story of decolonisation from the African Earth Jurisprudence Collective, told… Read More

Appolinaire OSSOU LIO - Rooting for the Future - a story of decolonisation from the African Earth Jurisprudence Collective
10th January 2023

Rooting for the Future

Appolinaire OUSSOU LIO is working with communities to restore the sacred forest groves that once rooted people to place. Marking today’s annual celebration of Vodun (Voodoo) culture in Benin, we… Read More

21st December 2022

In memory of Margret Kagole Byarufu (1968 – 2022)

Farmer, leader, custodian of sacred natural sites and seed: Kagole’s calling in life was clear from birth. She was named after her father’s aunt, a custodian of the Wandyeka sacred… Read More

9th November 2022

A New Story for the Earth

How a moment in a meadow seeded a global movement: Earth Jurisprudence explained On the anniversary of Thomas Berry’s birthday, we share an animation and interactive story reflecting on how… Read More