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7th March 2019

Liz Hosken: Becoming ecocentric

On International Women’s Day 2019, read this a new article written for Ecological Citizen Journal by Gaia’s founding Director Liz Hosken. In it Liz discusses her youth in South Africa,… Read More

29th October 2018

Is the world you long for screen-based? An interview with Claire Milne

In this interview, Claire Milne, Inner Transition Coordinator for the Transition Network, discusses the addictive qualities of digital technologies, how we can make peace with them in our own lives,… Read More

20th April 2018

Meet the people building alternatives to mining in Cajamarca, Colombia

Gaia’s Hannibal Rhoades and Benjamin Hitchcock Auciello meet the activist, ethnobotanist and business leader strengthening life-sustaining alternatives to destructive, conflict-ridden mining in Colombia. Originally published in Red Pepper Magazine. On the 26th March… Read More

14th December 2017

Interview: Eco-mapping for cultural and ecological revival in Uganda’s great lakes region.

Around our planet home we are witnessing an on-going mass extinction not only of species, but of the deeply entwined ecological and cultural knowledge that has enabled human societies to… Read More

12th September 2015

Podcast: How the myth of infinite growth and hyperconsumption are destroying Earth

In a new interview with Sputnik Radio Philippe Sibaud, Gaia trustee and author of our Short Circuit and Pandora’s Box reports, discusses how the global mania for electronic gadgets is destroying… Read More