In a new interview with Sputnik Radio Philippe Sibaud, Gaia trustee and author of our Short Circuit and Pandora’s Box reports, discusses how the global mania for¬†electronic gadgets is destroying large swathes of Earth.

Listen to the 15 minute podcast on the Brave New World programme to delve deeper.


Underpinning the global rush for minerals and metals used in the manufacture of these gadgets is an economic system founded upon the myth of infinite growth on a finite planet. This system is at war with life itself, says Philippe, and as a result there are a growing number of people opposing it and seeking new paths into the future.

Describing how Gaia, members of the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network and social movements worldwide are connecting in solidarity and pioneering lived alternatives to resist this systemic destruction and stop it from spreading further, Philippe reveals that around the world a common message is emerging: ‘Enough is Enough!’.

Change must come from the grassroots, says Philippe, as both business and politics are mired in the vested interests growth creates and so try to stifle or co-opt the radical social transitions and transformations required to make our presence on Earth mutually enhancing, rather than destructive. Though big challenges lie ahead, there are many signs for hope as people call for life to be protected over profit.

Tune in for the second installment of the podcast, in which Philippe will delve into the initiatives that are seeking to contribute to transformational alternatives.

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