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18th August 2022

Gaia launches new set of GMO resources in collaboration with Beyond GM

Our UK & Ireland Seed Sovereignty team have collaborated with our friends at Beyond GM to create a set of resources on the issues around GMOs and gene-edited crops and… Read More

10th June 2014

10 Good News Stories from the Worldwide Movement Against the GM Industry

In recent weeks there has been a wave of good news stories from the movement to keep GM crops (and toxic pesticides) out of our fields, out of supply chains… Read More

18th October 2013

GM agriculture is not the answer to seed diversity – It’s part of the problem

GM agriculture is not the answer to seed diversity – It’s part of the problem We need policies and practices that ensure farmers’ seed-saving knowledge is passed down to future… Read More

13th August 2013

Gaia joins allies for GM Health Risk Week 2nd – 8th September

Next month we join forces with War on Want, Food Democracy Now and the UK Food Sovereignty Movement to help raise awareness of GM Health Risk Week. The event promises… Read More

12th March 2013

A Landmark Victory for Justice – ‘The Biowatch Case’ laid bare in new book

Last Tuesday evening our long-standing South African partner Biowatch celebrated the launch of a new book capturing the highs, the lows and the real inside story of an all-consuming, decade… Read More

20th October 2011

The GMO Emperor has no clothes! New Report

On Tuesday 18th October a new Global Citizens’ Report on the State of GMOs “The GMO Emperor has no Clothes”, was launched by our partner Vandana Shiva at a press conference in… Read More