Next month we join forces with War on Want, Food Democracy Now and the UK Food Sovereignty Movement to help raise awareness of GM Health Risk Week. The event promises a week of discussion and debate examining new evidence into the risks GM food poses to human health, the food system and democracy. The programme includes talks and debates with French scientist Professor Seralini.

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Why GM Health Risk week?

Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini’s crucial research into the safety of GMOs was largely ignored by the mainstream media last year, dismissed by decision-makers, and attacked by some members of the research establishment, many of whom were subsequently revealed to have conflicts of interest with the GM industry or industry-funded lobby groups.

This means that we can’t be sure of an impartial regulatory or scientific analysis of the risks associated with this technology.

In light of the UK Government’s push towards commercialisation of GM food in the UK and in the EU, now is the time to be examining the risks involved in producing and consuming GM food, and questioning why these risks have not been addressed.

Thanks to consumer pressure, GMOs only appear in a small number or products in UK stores (as well as in animal food), and Scotland and Wales have successfully banned GM trials. Through awareness and debate we can ensure that a ‘healthy scepticism’ of GMOs remains on the menu.

To find out more about the initiative, and the speaking events which you can join across Britain, check out the GM health risk week website.