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17th May 2021

The African Earth Jurisprudence Collective: Navigating towards a Resilient Future

A new article, written for the Global Tapestry of Alternatives, explores the emergence of the African Earth Jurisprudence Collective and how this dynamic group of practitioners is helping African Indigenous… Read More

14th October 2019

Zimbabwe: Bringing Bikita’s seed diversity to Harare’s Good Food Festival

Accompanied by our partners EarthLore, small-scale farmers in Bikita, Zimbabwe, are reviving their seed diversity and traditional technology. They are building their food sovereignty and resilience to the drought-and-flood cycles… Read More

7th June 2019

Cyclone Idai, Climate Emergency and Earth Jurisprudence

Diversity is a fundamental law of Nature for anyone who has eyes to see. As one crop failed another one managed; as one bean variety failed another bean variety thrived…. Read More

11th December 2018

Reviving Ubuntu: An interview with Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson

In the latest of our Wh@t on Earth interview series about the unseen impacts of digital technology, Gertrude Psawarayi-Jabson discusses the connections between the rapid uptake of digital tech, nature dis-connection,… Read More

17th May 2018

Reweaving the basket of life’: Method Gundidza shares his story at the UN

“When humans arrived, the sun and the moon did not stop rising and setting; the air, water and the Earth did not stop moving either and neither did the plants… Read More