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Wh@t on Earth

10th January 2019

Seeing Wetiko: An interview with Alnoor Ladha

In the latest of our Wh@t on Earth interview series exploring the invisible impacts of digital technology, we speak to Alnoor Ladha, a founding member of The Rules, about culture,… Read More

11th December 2018

Reviving Ubuntu: An interview with Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson

In the latest of our Wh@t on Earth interview series about the unseen impacts of digital technology, Gertrude Psawarayi-Jabson discusses the connections between the rapid uptake of digital tech, nature dis-connection,… Read More

20th November 2018

A double-edged sword’: New Gaia report ‘Wh@t on Earth’ explores impacts of digital tech

‘Wh@t on Earth?’, Gaia’s latest report, argues that digital technology is disconnecting us from ourselves, each other and our living planet – at a time when re-engaging with the Earth… Read More

5th November 2018

Wh@t on Earth?! Join Gaia to explore the impacts of digital technology

Being more connected is good. So say Facebook, Google and any advert for a smartphone you’ve ever seen. But what are we being told to connect to? And is our… Read More

29th October 2018

Is the world you long for screen-based? An interview with Claire Milne

In this interview, Claire Milne, Inner Transition Coordinator for the Transition Network, discusses the addictive qualities of digital technologies, how we can make peace with them in our own lives,… Read More