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15th October 2019

In Photos: Tharakans map their past, present and future

This photo story explores how indigenous Tharakan People from central Kenya are reviving their Earth-centred customary laws, sacred natural sites, indigenous seeds and the life of their territory in climate-changed… Read More

22nd October 2018

Tharaka: Communities come together to map their ancestral past

This September, elders and youth, men and women, from Tharaka came together in the foothills of Mount Kenya to document their ancestral past in the form of eco-cultural maps and… Read More

14th December 2017

Interview: Eco-mapping for cultural and ecological revival in Uganda’s great lakes region.

Around our planet home we are witnessing an on-going mass extinction not only of species, but of the deeply entwined ecological and cultural knowledge that has enabled human societies to… Read More