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29th March 2021

Uganda recognises rights of Nature, customary laws, sacred natural sites

With our Ugandan partners ANARDE and Africe, we are delighted to share new developments in our work to protect Nature, revive culture and pursue the decolonisation of law alongside the… Read More

8th May 2019

Happy Birthday to Gaia elder Joanna Macy

Gaia’s Director, Liz Hosken, celebrates the 90th birthday of one of Gaia’s great elders; educator and Earth defender Joanna Macy. She reflects on how Joanna’s ‘Work that Reconnects’ is helping… Read More

9th October 2017

Revive, Decolonise, Transform: Meet Africa’s First Earth Jurisprudence Graduates

At a colourful ceremony blessed by elders from the Kikuyu, Maasai and Tharaka Tribes, Africa’s first ever group of Earth Jurisprudence (EJ) practitioners graduated this July. Comprised of lawyers, educators,… Read More