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Coal of Africa

6th July 2012

Opposition to coal mining in Limpopo, South Africa is mounting…

In critically water-scarce Limpopo Province in northern South Africa, support for coal mining is fast drying up. The Gaia Foundation has been supporting the people of Venda, who are opposing… Read More

4th May 2012

No to CoAL! Video from Water Open Day

The mining corporation Coal of Africa Ltd (CoAL) continues to push forward with plans to open a coking coal mine in the Venda region of South Africa, here we share… Read More

15th December 2011

Silent Protest against CoAL

Yesterday in Central London, Gaia joined a silent protest which took place outside the General Meeting of Shareholders of Australian mining company, Coal of Africa Ltd (CoAL). The protest was… Read More

13th December 2011

CoAL out of Africa!

Civil society groups demand global corporations reconsider investment in Coal of Africa mining project, South Africa. Today, civil society groups and community members from the Limpopo Province of South Africa… Read More