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8th April 2020

Jose Lutzenberger- A Legacy

 “Only a systematic, unitary, and synfonic worldview can assist us in comprehending the true nature of our wonderful living planet.” Born in Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, Lutz… Read More

18th December 2019

Chico Mendes Vive!

The 22nd of December marks 31 years since the assassination of Chico Mendes, the Amazonian rubber tapper who was killed for his tireless work to defend the rainforest that was his home,… Read More

19th September 2018

Beyond BHP: breaking free from the world’s biggest mining giant

From 12-20th October, we will welcome environmental human rights defenders visiting London from Colombia, Brazil, the US and Chile to hold the world’s largest mining company- BHP Billiton- to account and… Read More

17th February 2015

Gaia Amazonas inspires climate change action and the world’s largest ecological corridor

Colombia’s government announced that it will draw up plans to join with Brazil and Venezuela in creating the world’s largest ecological corridor, a project aimed at mitigating the effects of… Read More

30th June 2014

Kayapo Chiefs Raoni and Megaron say ‘Yes to Life, No to Mining and Mega Dams’

On the 10th of June The Gaia Foundation was honoured to host Kayapo Chiefs Raoni Metuktire and Megaron Txucarramae as they passed through London on their European tour. The meeting brought together… Read More