Recommended Reading

27th March 2021

A Material Transition – Report by War on Want

The new demand supporting the green energy transition does not change the act of mining. Extracting minerals, such as lithium, cobalt or copper, is still a dirty business with significant… Read More

8th January 2021

Healthy Crops: A New Agricultural Revolution

First published in 1985 by agronomist Francis Chaboussou, Healthy Crops: A New Agricultural Revolution is republished online in full here for the first time! A forgotten classic, Healthy Crops offers… Read More

24th September 2020

To care for our seeds

Our partner GRAIN present a series of booklets that can help us understand the role of seeds in our global society, in each country’s national fabric, but above all in… Read More

19th November 2019

A Just(ice) Transition is a Post-Extractive Transition

‘A Just Transition is a Post-extractive Transition’ (2019), released by climate justice organisations War on Want and London Mining Network, supported by the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network, exposes… Read More

19th November 2018

Wh@t on Earth: How digital technology is disconnecting us from ourselves, each other and our living planet

Wh@t on Earth?! (2018) argues that digital technology is disconnecting us from ourselves, each other and our living planet – at a time when re-engaging with the Earth is more urgent than… Read More

8th January 2018

For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda

For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda’ is the latest report from the Food Ethics Council.  This collection of articles addresses key questions about how the research agenda… Read More

16th October 2017

Struggles of La Via Campesina for Agrarian Reform and the Defense of Life, Land and Territories

On 16th October 2017, the International Day of Action for Peoples’ Food Sovereignty and against Transnational corporations, La Via Campesina officially launches its new publication “Struggles of La Via Campesina… Read More

26th September 2017

Think like a Commoner, by David Bollier

In our age of predatory markets and make-believe democracy, our troubled political institutions have lost sight of real people and practical realities. But if you look to the edges, ordinary… Read More

21st July 2017

La Via Campesina – Peasants Fighting for Justice

La Via Campesina is a global movement, emerging from the realities of peasant communities of the world. Year after year and all around the world, peasants have been undermined by… Read More

13th July 2017

Defenders of the Earth by Global Witness

At least four people are killed every week while protecting land, water and life. Find out how, why and who’s behind the killings of Earth’s defenders. It has never been… Read More