Our new Seed Sovereignty film follows the legend of a giant cabbage across our isles…

Stories and seeds have grown hand in hand since the dawn of agriculture. Just as stories need to be told so as not to be forgotten, seeds must be sown so as not to be lost.

In the parish of Glendale, on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, folk talk of a giant cabbage once grown by their ancestors.

Legend has it that one stormy night centuries past, a ship was wrecked off the cliffs of Glendale. Survivors settled on the island for the winter and come spring shared treasure saved from the waves with local people – a leather pouch of precious seed from their home – which grew to be known as the giant Glendale cabbage.

Where Giant Grow - A Seed Sovereignty Film from The Gaia Foundation by Andy Pilsbury

Across the sea in Donegal, Ireland, the Sweeney family have been growing a familiar-sounding cabbage for over three generations. A giant of a brassica, the Gortahork Cabbage is a local favourite, expertly adapted to the regional climate and sought after by many. The vegetable not only survives but thrives in wet and windy conditions. One head fills a wheelbarrow while two will topple it over.

Could these two cabbages in fact be one and the same?

Where Giants Grow is the latest film in the Seed Sovereignty Programme series, made by Andy Pilsbury for The Gaia Foundation. It follows the story of this legendary cabbage across our isles, exploring how seeds have always accompanied people, gathering tales and traditions, intertwining with our histories.


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