Talking at the Gaia Foundation in May 2011, Dr. Vandana Shiva explores the increasing intensity of mining and the devastation that it causes in both the short and long term.

Watch the video here.

Vandana was joined by Richard Solly from the London Mining Network, Andy Whitmore from Indigenous Peoples Links and Philippe Sibaud to discuss the unprecedented growth of the extractive industry, and its implications for both people and planet. Their talk highlighted not only the worrying trends in Western consumerism, but also the growing distance between the products we buy and the resources required to make them. This extraction, of fossil fuels, metals and minerals, is not only causing damage to our ecosystems and biodiversity, but it is also creating problems for indigenous communities, whose rights are being ignored in favour of large transnational corporations. By reducing our consumption and moving towards a more thoughtful unity with our planet we can help to combat the impact that mining has around the world.

Listen to a full podcast of the talk, including Andy, Richard and Philippe, by clicking here.