Small farmers produce most of the world’s food, but face huge threats at a time when we need more local food systems, less insane trade, and a movement to revive seed sovereignty- the basis of a resilient food system.

Gaia’s Rowan Phillimore joined EcoHustler Magazine to record a podcast about planet Gaia and the critical importance of transforming an industrial food system that produces over 50% of the world’s carbon emissions- and how we can all help make this change.

Listen here:

From the Scottish Highlands, to the tropical shores of Lake Albert, Uganda, Gaia is working alongside farmers, communities and activists to champion the role of small farmers and revive the seed diversity that forms the basis of our food systems’ resilience, and food sovereignty.

In the UK and Ireland, we are working with farmers, growers, seed producers and a network of coordinators to increase the quality and availability of open-pollinated and organic seed.

Alongside communities in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya and beyond we are working to revive seed diversity and agroecological farming practices, with rural women playing a central role as custodians of seed now and for the future.

And through our We Feed the World exhibition we are celebrating the small farmers and fisher people who produce 70% of the world’s food- countering the myth that we can’t feed the world without industrial farming reliant on toxins and a massive carbon footprint.