Our three flagship films are now available on one DVD.

We are delighted to announce that The Kamburu StoryReviving our Culture Mapping Our Future and The Sheka Forest Story – three films from Gaia and the African Biodiversity Network – can be purchased for just £5.

Please email dijana@gaianet.org to reserve a copy.

The Kamburu Story – Short film, co-produced by the Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) in Kenya, the African Biodiversity Network (ABN) and The Gaia Foundation (UK). This film tells the story of the Kamburu community and their courageous steps towards being more food secure, and their community-led approach to protecting the environment.

Reviving our Culture Mapping Our Future – The story behind a group of indigenous communities from around the world, who are using new methods to communicate their message to the rest of the world. The film covers an eco-cultural mapping workshop, organised with The Mupo Foundation, for traditional communities in Venda, northern South Africa.

The Sheka Forest Story – one of Ethiopia’s largest and last remaining tropical forests. Clan leaders, the local community and the local government have come together with the support of local partner, Melca Ethiopia, to help secure the future of the forest, its rich bio-cultural diversity and to enhance sustainable livelihood options. An enchanting tale of the complexities of forest governance at a time when it has never been more critical. It takes everyone to protect a forest. It only takes a few to destroy it.