Farming Matters offers readers a glimpse at some of the photos and case studies to feature in Gaia’s forthcoming global photographic initiative, We Feed the World.

We Feed the World is a global photographic initiative that aims to showcase the success and diversity of small scale family farmers in providing 70 percent of the world’s food in ecologically and socially just ways that cool the planet.

Through a series of beautifully shot images and their accompanying stories, We Feed the World joins the dots between global issues and their impact on our food systems, from climate change, to the loss of biodiversity, to the devastating effect of industrial agriculture and the extractive industries.

Led by the Gaia Foundation, We Feed the World brings together an international team of over 40 world-renowned photographers, farmers’ movements and civil society groups with the aim of reaching out to the wider public and debunking the myth that we need an industrial food system or quick fix technologies like GM to feed a growing global community.

We Feed the World, has given Farming Matters a preview of the work, which will be launched in London in March 2018, before touring a number of international locations. The images capture 50 extraordinary communities, across six continents, who are using an array of agroecological methods to produce food and remain food and seed sovereign. Here, we present four case studies, from four different continents, of climate-resilient food systems that are successful in finding creative solutions to deal with changing weather patterns and other social and political threats.

Enjoy the full article and images here and look out for more news about We Feed the World over the coming months.