We now have three beautifully translated versions of our landmark film Seeds of Freedom. Versions are available in French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese with voiceovers, subtitles and translated graphics. You can find all three versions on our Vimeo channel.

Please do share these amongst your colleagues, friends and networks around the world so that this important film can reach and impact upon a truly global audience. The threat of GM on communities across the global south is increasing by the day. For many this is already a frightening reality. In Argentina, hundreds of thousands of small-scale farmers have been forced to leave the land to make way for the aggressive expansion of GM Roundup-Ready soya plantations. Indiscriminate spraying of the powerful Roundup herbicide from planes, has further driven farmers, their crops and livestock from their lands, and turned Argentina into a “green desert” of GM. While some hail the growth of Argentina’s soya exports as a success, the rights and voices of those displaced farmers, and their families who have ended up hungry in the slums of the cities, have been utterly ignored.

Help spread the message and put pressure on global agribusiness and governments. As World Food Day (16th October) approaches, actions for Seed Freedom are being planned internationally. In California pressure is also mounting as a ballot to label GMO foods takes place this November. Find out more about Seeds of Freedom by visiting the website www.seedsoffreedom.info

Seeds of Freedom translated…

Semillas de Libertad (Spanish translation and voiceover)

Graines de Liberte (French translation and voiceover)

Sementes da Liberdade (Portuguese translation and voiceover)