We live in a time of deep and challenging change. In these circumstances, how can we develop the resilience and collective care we need to see us through and transform our relations with Nature?

Carlotta Byrne, Gaia’s Earth Jurisprudence Coordinator, recently shared her reflections on this question with the Ulex Project as part of the Regenerative Activism series. Below we share her powerful reflections.

“Many of the crises of our times emerge from the breakdown of the human-Earth relationship within dominant, western culture: respect and reciprocity have been replaced by exploitation and extraction, communality by consumerism.

“Practices that reawaken our sense of belonging to a vibrant web of life are vital to ground and orient us in this context.

“This could be as simple as venturing outside, barefoot perhaps, in attentive awareness of the natural world of which you are a part. Or marking the Earth’s cycles, such as the day’s dawn and dusk or the turn of the seasons, and feeling yourself to be a small part of an immense and sacred universe.”



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