Guide: protecting your community from the extractive industries

A how-to guide for resisting mining and extractivism anywhere and everywhere.


Read this classic how-to guide for resisting mining, re-designed by the Yes to Life, No to Mining solidarity network.

Written by Carlos Zorilla, a community organiser and anti-extractive campaigner from Intag, Ecuador, Basic Principles for Protecting Your Community from Extractive Industries distills Carlos and his community’s experiences, drawn from several decades resisting a copper mine in Ecuador’s cloud forests.

It includes a discussion of:

  • Early warning signs that indicate your community is being considered for mining
  • How to avoid community division and counter corporate divide-and conquer tactics
  • The importance of documentation, legal challenges and building networks to stop mining projects.

The guide is available in English and Spanish:

Read the guide in English

Leer la guía en español

It is designed to be printed in black and white A5 so it can be easily distributed at community meetings and gatherings.

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This guide is a condensed version of Carlos’s longer, more in-depth guide.

Read the full guide online here.