Our legal systems should protect Nature, recognising that she is the foundation of all of our health, well-being and wonder. But around the globe the law is instead used and coopted by powerful interests to allow and facilitate Nature’s destruction.

A pushback is underway.

From Himalayan glaciers to the sacred Whanganui River in New Zealand, around the world communities and activist lawyers are winning legal battles to recognise the inherent rights of Nature’s many elements to exist, to evolve and to play their role in the unfolding of life.

But what are the Rights of Nature? Where does the idea come from? And how does this emerging movement to protect the Earth relate to and strengthen Indigenous Peoples millennia-long traditions of caring for Mother Nature?

Listen to this new podcast from Wild Roots to find out more.

The podcast features interviews with members of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, of which Gaia is one. Our very own Fiona Wilton discusses our work to protect and restore Nature alongside Indigenous communities from minute 20 onwards.

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