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In these troubled times we are delighted to bring you a story of hope, courage and restoration from our global network.

Released today, our new film, Custodians of Life- reviving culture and Nature in Uganda’s Great Lakes, shares how the Indigenous Bagungu People are restoring their Earth-centred culture and critical ecosystems along the shores of Itaka Lya Mwitanzige (Lake Albert).

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it crystal clear that our destruction of Nature is creating the conditions for deadly diseases to emerge, as well as hastening climate change and ecological breakdown.

The virus is a brutal reminder that re-making a harmonious relationship with the more-than-human world is our greatest challenge and our greatest priority as a species. 

Brought to you by Gaia, our Ugandan partners and the growing African Earth Jurisprudence Movement, Custodians of Life shows how we might rise to this challenge.

Watch Custodians of Life here

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“This is a story of hope and decolonisation in a time of crises.”

For over a century, colonialism and globalisation have repressed the Bagungu People’s Earth-centred culture and brought destruction to one of Africa’s most biodiverse ecosystems.

But today the Bagungu are turning the tide. They are restoring their communities and their sacred homeland back to health.

Custodians of Life, a new film from Gaia and our Ugandan partners ANARDEAFRICE and NAPE, shares their story…

Watch the film

“There is a wind of hope blowing through the territory – all is not lost.

Having graduated from Gaia’s ‘trainings for transformation’, Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner Dennis Tabaro has accompanied the Bagungu People every step of the way on their journey towards revival.

In this interview with Gaia, Dennis delves deeper into the Bagungu’s story from pre-colonialism to the present day.

Read Dennis’s Interview

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