A new film released today brings together the voices of eight traditional Sacred Natural Sites Custodians from across Africa. Sacred Voices presents their messages to the world, drawn together through a series of emotive interviews which were carried out at a meeting of Custodians held in Nanyuki, Kenya earlier this year.

Alongside making this film, together the Custodians crafted a Statement for the recogntion of their Sites. An extract is below and you can find out more, and read the full statement by clicking here.


“We, custodians of Sacred Natural Sites from four African countries, are working together to revive our traditions and to protect our Sacred Natural Sites and Territories. We are deeply concerned about our Earth because she is suffering from increasing destruction despite all the discussions, international meetings, facts and figures and warning signs from Earth.

The future of our children and the children of all the species of Earth are threatened. When this last generation of elders dies, we will lose the memory of how to live respectfully on our planet, if we do not learn from them. Our generation living now has a responsibility like no other generation before us. Our capacity to stop the current addiction to money from destroying the very conditions of life and the health of our planet, will determine our children’s future.

We call on Governments, corporations, law and policy makers, and civil society to recognize that Africa has Sacred Natural Sites and custodians who are responsible for protecting them, in order to protect the wellbeing of the planet.”

Watch Sacred Voices on our vimeo channel.