Catch up with videos from Gaia and partners’ contributions to the global Oxford Real Farming Conference this January! From the fisherpeople conserving Taiwan’s flying fish to the growers sowing seed sovereignty in the UK and Ireland, we brought together guests from around our living planet to share how they feed us while caring for Nature.

With the help of partners like Gaia, this year the Oxford Real Farming Conference brought together the world’s agroecological food, farming and fishing movements at this crucial time, in the biggest gathering of its kind, with all events happening online.

Gaia organised and participated in 5 talks throughout the week of ORFC, bringing allies from across our global network together to discuss their community-led work to protect and enhance diverse, life-sustaining food, farming and fishing systems.

If you couldn’t attend, missed out on a ticket, or just want to watch them again, you can find video recordings of all our sessions via the links below:

1.Community-Managed Fisheries: Stories from the Tao.

A presentation of the indigenous fishing and farming systems of the Indigenous Tao People from Pong so no Tao (Orchid Island) off the coast of Taiwan, given by fisherman, advocate and community leader Sutej Hugu. Introduced by Gaia’s Hannibal Rhoades.

2. An Introduction to Earth Jurisprudence and the Role of the Sacred in Farming.

Method Gundidza, Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson and Appolinaire Ousso-Lio, graduates of Gaia’s 3-year Earth Jurisprudence training course, share the role of sacred song, dance, ritual and governance in agricultural systems in Zimbabwe and Benin. Facilitated by Gaia’s Director, Liz Hosken.

3. We Can’t Eat Gold: Defending Lands and Waters from Mining Destruction. 

Fidelma O’Kane (Northern Ireland), Mariana Gomez Soto (Colombia) and Tero Mustonen (Finland) share the hows and whys of their efforts to defend their communities, lands and waters from mining. Facilitated by Gaia’s Hannibal Rhoades.

4. Great Grains: Revival of Heritage Grains Around the World.

Farmers Gerald Miles (Wales), Method Gundidza (Zimbabwe) and Zhengxi Yang (China) discuss the importance of conserving and reviving diverse, locally-adapted seed varieties in the context of climate change. Facilitated by Gaia’s Sinead Fortune.

5. Bringing Communities Together Through Seed: A Discussion and Planning Session for Community Seed Banks, Seed Libraries and Seed Initiatives Around the UK.

London Freedom Seed Bank, Lampeter Seed Library, European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity and others, join Gaia’s  Seed Sovereignty Programme team to discuss community seed initiatives from across the UK and how to take them forward.

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A big thank you to the organisers of ORFC.



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