Seed sovereignty in the UK; how to catch a flying fish; seed week approaches. In our January newsletter, we share what is coming up from Gaia at the start of 2021.

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Dear Friends, 

Have you ever wondered how to catch a flying fish?

Asked yourself what grain farmers from Wales, Zimbabwe in China might have in common?

Considered what it takes to stop a mining company chewing up your land?

From 7-13th January we will explore these questions, and many others, with Indigenous leaders, farmers and fisherpeople from all around our living planet as part of the first online, Global Oxford Real Farming Conference.

During the Conference we will also launch, for the first time, a free online version of Francis Chabboussou’s Healthy Crops: A New Agricultural Revolution. A forgotten classic of agroecological literature, Healthy Crops argues that, when plants are raised in a healthy, balanced farming system, they take care of themselves, whereas toxic agrochemicals undermine plant health and make them more vulnerable.

As if that wasn’t enough, from the 18-22nd January we will hold our annual seed week, bringing you information on how and where to find the best, most biodiverse seeds for the coming growing season.

We are buzzing into the new year as busily as we left the old- we hope you’ll join us!

Warm wishes, 

Hannibal, on behalf of The Gaia Team

Gaia in the news… seed sovereignty, corporate cronyism and COVID-19

“People crave connection. They want connection with other people and connection with the planet, and growing and saving seed is a way of getting both.”

In late December 2020, The Guardian released a new article exploring how and why people are turning to small-scale, locally produced, biodiverse seed during COVID-19.

Through interviews with our Seed Sovereignty Programme Coordinators and partners, find out why seed sales have surged up to 600%!

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Oxford Real Farming Conference goes global

500 brilliant speakers, including farmers, academics and indigenous leaders, offering practical advice and exploring the most pressing issues in food, farming and fishing right now… sounds good to us!

Register now to join Gaia and speakers from Taiwan, Finland, Colombia, China, Zimbabwe, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for some unique events (ours are on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th!) and the launch of Healthy Crops at the #ORFCGlobal Conference.

Find out more

Seed Week is on the way!

Get your diary out. Turn to the 18-22nd January. Write SEED WEEK in big letters!

As the ground thaws, the growing season rolls back around and seed catalogues come out, we will host our annual Seed Week- a celebration of the life-giving vitality of seeds of all shapes and sizes.

We’ll bring you information on the best, greenest, most diverse seed growers and sellers in your region, as well as stories from the frontlines of our work to revive the resilience and diversity of the UK and Ireland’s seed system.

Stay tuned for more information!