International Permaculture Day sees permaculture enthusiasts, both professional and fledgling, coming together to put on a range of events around the world in order to promote the permaculture ethos and encourage others to get involved.

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Permaculture is a design system that mimics nature and is used to create sustainable households and communities that are productive, sustainable and largely self-reliant with minimal impact on the environment. The ethics of permaculture encompass caring for the earth, caring for people and sharing any surplus with others.

On the 5th May, permaculture gardens and education centres worldwide will open their doors to showcase permaculture practices.

For more information and events near you, see the International Permaculture Day website and the IPD Facebook page.

You can also join in on the day by tuning in to GROW LOCAL LIVE! 24 hours of live-streamed events, reports and interviews from the global permaculture community. Featuring David HolmgrenSepp Holzer and IPD friends Vandana ShivaCharles EisensteinHelena Norberg-Hodge and many others.