A new podcast that gives voice to the radical, grassroots stories of our food systems has just been launched – Frontline Food.

Through interviews with leading food sovereignty activists, including Vandana Shiva and Jyoti Fernandes, in Frontline Food, our former colleague and friend Georgie Styles explores food at the intersections of art, activism, politics, culture and the pressing issues of our time.

The first series of this new podcast is entitled Beyond Coronavirus. In it, Georgie  investigates the relationship between food, farming, health and the recent coronavirus pandemic. Seeking out untold stories of colonialism and industrialisation, indigenous wisdom and food sovereignty activism, Georgie asks what true resilience in our food systems might look like, beyond coronavirus.

Gaia has partnered with Georgie on the creation of this podcast, and a number of our global allies and their inspiring work for food justice are featured in the series.

In Episode 3, Simon Mitambo tells Georgie about how the Indigenous Tharakan People from central Kenya are adapting to life, and food growing, in a time of pandemic, and the ways they have built resilience to calamity. Listen here.

In Episode 4, Method Gundidza shares how the communities of Bikita, Zimbabwe, have revived traditional varieties of millet that are resilient and locally -adapted, catalysing a far wider revival of their traditional culture and territory. Listen here.

Gaia is working alongside Simon, Method and their communities towards a holistic revival of the Earth-centred, living traditions they have kept alive despite generations of repression. Having shared stories from this work in images and text, we are delighted that you will now be able to hear Simon and Method tell their stories in their own words in Frontline Food.

We encourage you all to tune in to this important and timely podcast from the start. Visit the Frontline Food website.

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