Flourishing Diversity


30th September 2019


30th September 2019



The Flourishing Diversity Series invites you to a unique opportunity to listen, dialogue, and participate with indigenous leaders from across the world.

Wisdom traditions hold many of the answers to our most pressing problems concerning the climate crisis and environmental protection. It’s time to consider them at the global-scale.

From the 7th – 11th of September, Flourishing Diversity will host a series of events across London that build collaboration and help us to see what we can all do to better live in harmony with the delicate systems of this planet, our only home.

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Gaia is collaborating with the organisers on several events during the series, including sessions on the importance of sacred lands and bio-cultural diversity.

Speakers will include our friends from the Ashaninka and Poyanawa Peoples of Brazil, and others Gaia has worked alongside for decades to protect the Amazon Rainforest- join them to discuss the unfolding crisis in Amazonia and their Indigenous-led solutions. 

And our friends from the Snowchange Cooperative, who are restoring and re-wilding river systems and forests across Finland using a blend of traditional knowledge and science.