Healthy Eating as a Healing Art


14th May 2015


14th May 2015

In this workshop, Holistic Cuisine specialist, Jeanne-Lyse Sibaud, will show that in order to be healthy and enjoy life it is not necessary to adopt a specific diet or follow a dogmatic nutritional approach. Instead, she invites you to free yourself from limiting beliefs and develop a conscious and trusting relationship with your food.

Weaving her experience as a medical herbalist and down to earth attitude to food matters, Jeanne-Lyse will guide us through her fresh approach to our food and the way we eat.

Join us on Saturday 22nd June for a 3 hour workshop followed by a lovely fresh lunch at Gaia House, Hampstead.

Workshop programme:

1. The perfect diet: there is no such thing.

There are many options that are good for different people under different circumstances.

Our dietary needs are forever changing, depending on our level of health, age, beliefs, lifestyle, environment, etc.

From raw foods to vegetarianism to meat eating, from the most cleansing to the most building, we’ll explore our options and the reasons why we are drawn to certain diets.

We will also look at food cravings as tools for self-discovery.

2. Trusting our foods

The healing properties of simple, whole foods, such as seaweeds, nuts, seeds, spices and buckwheat.

Discussion of time-honoured preparation methods (such as soaking, juicing, sprouting, fermenting, different cooking methods) and simple food combinations.

How to make sense of conflicting information about such foods as dairy, coffee, saturated fats, sweeteners, salt, etc.

3. How to enhance our capacity to nourish ourselves

The right kind of water to drink and cook with, sunshine, oxygen.

Inner ecology, rhythms, naturopathic techniques (oil pulling, carrot juice, derivative baths, etc) and becoming a mindful eater.

Find out more about Jeanne-Lyse and Holistic Cuisine here.