Dzomo la Mupo has issued a formal objection to the application by Coal of Africa Ltd (CoAL) for an Integrated Water Use Licence (IWUL) for the Makhado coal mine. if the Makhado mine goes ahead, it will cause severe ecological, social and economic damage to their ancestral homes.

Dzomo la Mupo (meaning mouth and voice of the Earth) is a network of Custodians of Venda’s Sacred Natural Sites (Zwifho) in Limpopo, northern South Africa. They are adding their voices to a growing number of community organisations, farmers and local residents opposing this most recent stage of CoAL’s application to develop the Makhado mine.

The Gaia Foundation has been supporting Dzomo la Mupo and The Mupo Foundation who are fighting against the escalating coal mining craze in the Limpopo province – new and existing mines are threatening their ancestral lands and their livelihoods. The coal seam in this area has been known about for some time, but the big players in the mining world have not mined because of the lack of water. The area in which CoAL intends to apply for an IWUL for is located in the Nzhelele River catchment area which is already a severely water stressed area – with rainfall expected to continue to decrease in coming years due to climate change.

Mining in this area will directly affect communities throughout Venda because the water systems are all interconnected – it will effect the natural flows of water which are already suffering from extreme weather conditions.

Without water they will not be able to grow food, feed their animals or use for washing, cooking and drinking.

Without water there is no life.

For the sake of future generations – we call on you Coal of Africa, to stop the mining of coal in Limpopo, so that our precious water can continue nourishing the lives of all species. We have the responsibility to stop this Ecocide. We will not give up until we succeed”.

Please see here for Dzomo la Mupo’s: OBJECTION to Coal of Africa’s IWUL Application