On 26th March Gaia and a host of collaborators will welcome visitors from Colombia to London for an event celebrating the town of Cajamarca’s successful campaign to protect land, water and life from a mega mine.

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After a campaign of over 10 years, on March 26th 2017, the people of Cajamarca voted with a 98% majority to say NO to AngloGold Ashanti’s “La Colosa” gold mine. This victory has helped inspire a nation-wide, grassroots movement defending land, water and life, with 54 municipalities now bringing forward their own popular consultations and 9 victories already secured.

Cajamarca is also helping answer the question ‘no to mining, then what?‘. Our visitors will tell us how the people of Cajamarca are  building a prosperous future based on the true treasures of the land- abundant water, natural beauty and small-scale agriculture.

At the event, we will hear from:

Mariana Gomez Soto, Colombian environmental and human rights campaigner deeply involved in organising successful popular consultations in Colombia, and Latin America Regional Coordinator for the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network.

Ricardo de la Pava, ethno-botanical expert and coordinator of Crepes & Waffles Sustainability Team, working alongside peasant farmers in Cajamarca and across Colombia to strengthen agroecological practices.

Felipe Macia, Director of Sustainability at Crepes & Waffles, one of Colombia’s biggest family restaurant businesses, which is starting new relationships with food growers in the region.

Featuring world music, talks from our visitors and plenty of time to relax and discuss, this event will be a chance to celebrate and strengthen bonds of Colombia-UK solidarity one year on from the popular consultation.

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This event is being organised by The Gaia Foundation, Comite Ambiental en Defensa de la Vida, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, London Mining Network, Yes to Life, No to Mining, War on Want and ABColombia, with support from Sahara.