Across the UK and Ireland, a quiet revolution is underway. It’s sprouting where you might least expect it. In old baths and window boxes. In reclaimed parking lots and allotment plots…

Launched during Seed Week 5, our new film, A Quiet Revolution (8-mins) celebrates the work of London’s little-known urban seed savers and the London Freedom Seed Bank which connects the city’s seed custodians.

In this interactive story, produced to accompany the film, you can watch A Quiet Revolution and take a tour around London through the words of the Capital’s seed savers and stunning images from award-winning photographer Andy Pilsbury.

Delve deep:

A Quiet Revolution

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The London Freedom Seed Bank is a network of over 120 growers and gardeners saving, storing and sharing open-pollinated seed in London. The seed bank cares for over 150 London-grown varieties, which are distributed for free to all who want to grow food in the city.

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The Gaia Foundation’s Sovereignty Programme is working to (re)establish a biodiverse and resilient seed system & small-scale seed production across Britain & Ireland. We support small-scale commercial growers, community groups and home gardeners & allotmenteers with workshops, networks, resources and information to help protect and restore seed diversity across the UK & Ireland.

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