Next week will see the launch of We Feed the World- our global photographic exhibition celebrating the small-scale farmers and fishers who feed the world, cool the planet and care for Mother Earth.

Developed in close collaboration with farming and fishing communities from Colombia to China, with the global food sovereignty movement and a host of world-renowned photographers, We Feed the World will open its doors on Friday 12th of October at the Bargehouse Gallery in Southbank, London. In the coming weeks, communities from around the world who are featured in We Feed the World will be holding various events of their own, check the We Feed the World events page for more details as they emerge.

As well as showcasing over 300 beautiful photographs of the people who provide 70% of the world’s food, the exhibition space will host a 10-day events programme featuring talks from farmers, artists and journalists, workshops, film premieres and much more.

Here we share ten of the amazing events coming up at We Feed the World. This is just the tip of the iceberg, see our full programme here.

1) What role does the media play in shaping the future of our food and farming system?
Friday 12th October 1.15-2.15pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Former Guardian journalist John Vidal

How does the media shape the world around us- including the food we find on our tables and what happens to our fields, forests and waters? John Vidal, former Environment Editor at The Guardian, Jenny Briggs from Greenhouse PR and eminent photographer Sophie Gerrard come together to discuss how to tell stories for a fairer, more socially just and ecologically healthy food system. Find out more.

2) Can business help the food revolution?
Friday 12th October 2.30-3.30pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Arracacha. Painting by Pedro Ruiz

Guy Singh-Watson from Riverford Organics, Felipé Macia Fernandez from Colombian restaurant chain Crepes & Waffles and Adam Thompson from Rebel Kitchen will ask how businesses can get behind progressive, farmer-led movements trying to transform our food system for the better. Find out more.

3) Women in food, farming and photography
Friday 12th October 5-5.45pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Women farmers from Todjedi, Benin. Photo for WFTW by Fabrice Monteiro

Organic restaurant owner Geetie Singh-Watson, farmers Jyoti Fernandes and Susanna Pasterkova and photographer Holly Lyton will share their experiences and visions of how women offer different understandings and solutions to the issues facing our food and farming systems. Find out more.

4) The Good Food March
Sunday 14th October 11:30-1pm. Westminster to the Bargehouse Gallery

Join farmers, foodies and others who care about the future of our food and farming systems in Parliament Square for the Good Food March, ahead of World Food Day and the UK Government’s second reading of a new agricultural bill. Stand with small-scale farmers to demand local, affordable, chemical-free food and support for ecologically friendly farming. Then march to the WFTW exhibition! Find out more.

5) The future of food: why we need to challenge industrial food giants
Sunday 14th October 1.45-2.45pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Farmers march for food sovereignty. Photo: Via Campesina

In We Feed the World’s keynote address, bestselling author Anna Lappé will connect the dots between the climate crisis, personal health, community well-being and the need to stand up to chemical and agribusiness corporations seeking to dominate our food system by supporting supporting farmers’ movements, such as La Via Campesina. Find out more.

6) Indigenous perspectives on food: celebrating Africa’s seed custodians
Sunday 14th October 4.30-5.45pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Members of the Tulime Hamwe Mbibo Zikade Women’s seed-saving Group, Uganda, with Liz Hosken. Photo: The Gaia Foundation

In this talk Gaia’s Director Liz Hosken will highlight the critical role African women have played in cultivating seed diversity across the continent, their leadership in efforts to revive this diversity after centuries of colonial disruption, the vital connection between sacred seeds and sacred natural sites, and how we can support them to be seed custodians long into the future. Find out more.

7) A food revolution starts with seed
Tuesday 16th October 11am-12.15pm. Bargehouse Gallery

9 out of 10 bites of food we take owes its origin to seeds. And yet seeds are often overlooked in discussions about our food system. As part of a full-day of exciting events organised by the Land Workers Alliance, learn how small-scale seed producers are boosting the quality and amount of locally-adapted, organic seed as part of Gaia’s Seed Sovereignty UK & Ireland Programme. Find out more.

8) Film premiere: Selkie, The Finnish community re-wilding a river
Wednesday 17th October 12:30-1.30pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Join us for the UK premiere of Selkie, a short film about a Finnish fishing community that shut down a polluting mine and is now heading up a world-leading effort to restore and rewild the Jukajoki River System, allowing fish, birds and animals to return. The film will be followed by a Q&A.

9) Bringing the stories to life: meet the farmers who feed the world
Friday 19th October 1-3pm. Bargehouse Gallery

A farmer grazes his buffalo in the mountain village of Yangdong, China. Photo for WFTW, by Zhang Kechun

Join farmers from the communities whose stories and photographs feature in the exhibition to hear firsthand how they farm and fish, how they are adapting to the challenges they face, and their visions for feeding the world without costing the Earth. Find out more.

10) Food, farming and extractivism, an all day symposium.
Saturday 20th October 11am-6pm. Bargehouse Gallery

Turning fertile land into open pits, polluting water, air and the climate, the mining industry poses a major threat to hunters, fisher-people and small farmers. But around the planet communities are standing up, at great risk, to defend life-sustaining ecosystems and livelihoods from destruction. Join Earth defenders from Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Colombia and the USA for a day of storytelling, workshops and film screenings to learn more and show your solidarity. Find out more.

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