Since 1989, Tracy has been a vocal activist and public speaker for a more local food economy. Her films include Is Small Still Beautiful in India (BBC World), The Politics of Happiness in Bhutan (BBC World) & Pig Business (Channel 4 More 4). Pig Business is in 21 languages with 7 country-specific versions showing campaigners across the world fighting against local factory pig farms. Recently she founded the campaign, Farms not Factories, making short films for social media to show the true cost of cheap pork and urge viewers to only buy meat with a high welfare label. The latest campaign #TurnYourNoseUp includes a series of short films with chefs including Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall and Mark Hix. Tracy continues to expose the horrific conditions of factory pig farms. In August 2016 she went undercover to expose illegal practices in the UK pig industry.