Colin is a practitioner of traditional African medicine, based in Cape Town, South Africa and the UK. He receives clients from all over the world, and facilitates international group processes relating to natural law, transformation, healing & personal power, sacred sites, and cross-cultural cosmology. His work bridges major world cities with ancestral homelands and forgotten wilderness, taking him from the Amazon Basin to Los Angeles, the sacred sites of Venda to the urban grit of Johannesburg, and remote Ethiopia to the City of London. Colin co-founded and co-runs a training school in Botswana for traditional doctors and sangomas with his brother Niall Campbell. They grew up in rural southeastern Botswana, the sons of a renowned anthropologist and a creative healing mother. In his childhood travels with his father he slept under stars and learned from traditional San people. At the age of eleven he was called to being trained and initiated as a traditional doctor and sangoma. He thus acquired a deep knowledge of Tswana culture and its traditional medicinal and spiritual practices. Gaia has worked closely with Colin and his brother Niall in developing a range of experiential trainings in African cosmology, including the Botswana Process.