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17th May 2018

Reweaving the basket of life’: Method Gundidza shares his story at the UN

“When humans arrived, the sun and the moon did not stop rising and setting; the air, water and the Earth did not stop moving either and neither did the plants… Read More

29th May 2014

Hungry for Land: Small Farmers Feed the World on Less than a Quarter of the Land

Extract taken from GRAIN’s website. Full article and pdf of the reports are available here. “It is commonly heard today that small farmers produce most of the world’s food. But how… Read More

1st April 2014

UN Climate experts: Green Revolution leaves food systems vulnerable to climate change

The United Nations’ experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have stated that the so-called “green revolution” is leaving agriculture vulnerable to climate change, and that new approaches… Read More