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8th January 2020

Documentary: The Finnish village restoring climate-critical ecosystems

“Humans will only succeed by pulling together.” In a new 12-minute mini-documentary from BBC Newsnight, Tero Mustonen, from Gaia partner organisation the Snowchange Cooperative, shares how Finnish villagers from Selkie… Read More

17th December 2019

Rewilding Finland after mining

Originally published by REDweb and The Ecologist, this story from Gaia’s Finnish partner organisation the Snowchange Cooperative explores how the community of Selkie is leading the restoration of rivers, lakes… Read More

11th September 2018

In Photos: Indigenous and traditional fishers gather for Festival of Northern Fisheries

Endangered fish species, ‘mackerel wars’ and warming oceans. These phenomena often make global headlines, and rightly so. Our oceans, rivers, lakes and the diversity of life they support face unparalleled… Read More

2nd December 2014

Immediate Action: Ostola Forest Under Threat from Clear Cuts in North Karelia, Finland

More at Today The Gaia Foundation join in unity into a growing international network of governmental agencies, scientists, Indigenous and local communities and their organisations, led by the Snowchange… Read More