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Rights of Nature

9th March 2022

Respecting the rights of nature is the only way out of climate chaos and biodiversity collapse

Originally published in The Daily Maverick (07/03/2022) by Gaia’s long term partner, Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner Method Gundidza. Earth Jurisprudence is a foundational systemic alternative for transformation towards healing our relationship… Read More

3rd November 2021

Climate Justice Now: Gaia at COP26

The eyes of the world are on the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. We are all looking for signs of hope. But not everyone is looking in the same place. For… Read More

19th April 2021

Earth Jurisprudence: what you need to know

As part of our first ever Earth Jurisprudence week, we share the four key things you need to know about Earth Jurisprudence- what it is, where the idea comes from… Read More

29th March 2021

Uganda recognises rights of Nature, customary laws, sacred natural sites

With our Ugandan partners ANARDE and Africe, we are delighted to share new developments in our work to protect Nature, revive culture and pursue the decolonisation of law alongside the… Read More

21st May 2020

International Day for Biodiversity: Indigenous and local communities nurture life

“There is no God bigger than the sun, the moon, the air and the water… No matter how tall our buildings get and how high in the sky we fly, if… Read More

31st March 2020

Media Release: New film explores cultural and ecological revival in Uganda’s Great Lakes region

31st March 2020. Kampala | London – In the midst of climate emergency and a global coronavirus pandemic caused by ecological destruction, a Ugandan Indigenous community is demonstrating the vital… Read More

21st October 2019

Water is Life: African Earth Jurisprudence Practitioners share their stories in webinar

In late September, three graduates from Gaia’s trainings for African Earth Jurisprudence Practitioners participated in a webinar on the theme ‘Water is Life’, hosted by the Global Alliance for the… Read More

4th September 2019

Podcast: Understanding Rights of Nature

Our legal systems should protect Nature, recognising that she is the foundation of all of our health, well-being and wonder. But around the globe the law is instead used and… Read More

2nd April 2019

Rights of Nature gain ground in Uganda’s Legal System

In an exciting new precedent, Nature’s fundamental rights to be, to habitat, to evolve and regenerate are now formally recognised in Uganda’s new National Environmental Act (2019)! This huge achievement… Read More

28th January 2019

TIPNIS: International Commission criticizes Bolivian Government over plan to bulldoze through national park

22/01/2019. Written by Gaia’s Fiona Wilton. Published by Intercontinental Cry An investigation conducted by The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN), has exposed repeated violations of the Rights… Read More