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23rd August 2021

Podcast: Seed sovereignty post-Brexit

In this interview with US-based Hobby Farm, Gaia’s Seed Sovereignty Programme Coordinator, Sinéad Fortune discusses seed and food sovereignty in a post-Brexit United Kingdom and Ireland. Listen in as Sinéad… Read More

14th September 2020

Frontline Food – a new podcast

A new podcast that gives voice to the radical, grassroots stories of our food systems has just been launched – Frontline Food. Through interviews with leading food sovereignty activists, including… Read More

4th September 2019

Podcast: Understanding Rights of Nature

Our legal systems should protect Nature, recognising that she is the foundation of all of our health, well-being and wonder. But around the globe the law is instead used and… Read More

20th May 2019

Podcast: Transforming the food system for Planet Gaia

Small farmers produce most of the world’s food, but face huge threats at a time when we need more local food systems, less insane trade, and a movement to revive… Read More

12th September 2015

Podcast: How the myth of infinite growth and hyperconsumption are destroying Earth

In a new interview with Sputnik Radio Philippe Sibaud, Gaia trustee and author of our Short Circuit and Pandora’s Box reports, discusses how the global mania for electronic gadgets is destroying… Read More

31st August 2011

Video Highlights of Vandana Shiva talk

Talking at the Gaia Foundation in May 2011, Dr. Vandana Shiva explores the increasing intensity of mining and the devastation that it causes in both the short and long term…. Read More