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Gaia Amazonas

17th February 2015

Gaia Amazonas inspires climate change action and the world’s largest ecological corridor

Colombia’s government announced that it will draw up plans to join with Brazil and Venezuela in creating the world’s largest ecological corridor, a project aimed at mitigating the effects of… Read More

25th September 2014

Yaigoje Apaporis indigenous organisation wins UNDP Equator Prize 2014

The UNDP Equator Initiative Prize honours indigenous and local authorities for their outstanding achievement in advancing sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. This year, we are delighted… Read More

4th February 2014

Judges travel to the Amazon for public hearing on Yaigoje Apaporis and gold mining

Three members of the Constitutional Court have made an unprecedented trip to the heart of the Amazon forest, to settle a three-year legal battle on the future of Colombia’s third… Read More

4th September 2013

Gaia Associate voted one of Colombia’s Top 10 Leaders

For protecting the Amazon and the rights of indigenous communities through forums for dialogue between society and the state, and defending cultural and biological diversity from the latent risks of development,… Read More

22nd August 2013

Can Chiribiquete help protect the Amazon from mining?

Colombia now has the largest protected area in the Amazon, with the expansion of Chiribiquete National Park. Chiribiquete, declared a National Park in 1989, officially increased in size from 1,298 ,954… Read More

24th October 2012

COLOMBIA: Moratorium on new mining in the Amazon

Mining halted in the Amazon: The Ministry of Environment temporarily blocks the Strategic Mining Areas Project promoted by President Santos Article translated from Gaia Amazonas. See here for original article: Freno… Read More

24th January 2012

Gaia Amazonas is tops!

The Global Journal names our Colombian partner as one the Top 100 Best NGOS. Gaia Amazonas receives this well-deserved recognition for its long-term support to indigenous peoples rights and Amazon… Read More