Jose Lutzenberger calls for Regenerative Agriculture

Jose Lutzenberger, fondly known as ‘Lutz’, was an outspoken activist in defence of the Amazon rainforest. Gaia developed a close partnership with Lutz from 1986 while he was promoting ‘regenerative agriculture’ and fighting to expose the agro-chemical industry (with whom he once worked) who he said were ‘peddling poisons from the WW2 war effort to farmers’.

Today, he is referred to as the ‘father of Brazil’s environmental movement’ and in 1988 was awarded the prestigious Right Livelihood Award for his contribution to environmental and social justice, which he always said were “two sides of the same coin”. In 1990 Lutz became Brazil’s secretary of Environment.

Gaia supported Lutz to establish his organisation Fundaçao Gaia and Gaia Corner, a teaching centre for regenerative agriculture. Lutz passed away in 2002, buried as he wished: wrapped in just a sheet, close to a tree on his farm, Gaia Corner, which he had so lovingly restored. His daughter Lara continues ‘Legado Lutzenberger’ – the legacy of Lutz.

Thanks to Fundacio Gaia we have gathered a collection of Jose Lutzenberger’s essays:

A Plea for Agriculture without Poisons, 1995

The Absurdity of Modern Agriculture – From Chemical Fertilizers and Agropoisons to Biotechnology, 1998

Our Suicidal Ethics, 2000

Gaia, 2001

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